10 things to know about Facebook Ads

I’m sharing this article as a way of keeping track of it: 10 Things I’ve Learned While Learning Facebook Ads.

The list of things that are included as “learning opportunities” include:

#1 – Your ad image must contain less than 20% text.
#2 – Split test your bid models between CPC, CPM, & Engagement.
#3 – Targeting options utilize both AND operators and OR operators.
#4 – Selecting Location doesn’t necessarily mean people who live there.
#5 – Facebook’s third party data goes far beyond the things you think Facebook knows about you.
#6 – There are 4 ways to access Facebook ad management, with varying levels of difficulty.
#7 – It’s tempting to prefer desktop over mobile, but do your research first.
#8 – Get your pixels straight before you start running ads.
#9 – Segment your creative!
#10 – Start using good naming conventions now.


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