Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

If you’re a blogger trying to monetize your blog, or just someone who’s considered trying on blogging as a source of income, then you need to check out ProBlogger’s latest post. It’s a comprehensive list of ideas on passive and active income sources for your blog. Definitely worth checking out.

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Source: The Full Blog Monetization Menu – 60+ Ways to Make Money With Your Blog: @ProBlogger

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Free Tools For Making Digital Portfolios

Edudemic pulled together a list of tools to use to create online digital porfolios.

Now that so much of what students create in school is in the digital realm, teachers have an opportunity to help students value their work more & longer.

The list includes Google Sites, Evenote (which I wouldn’t have thought of myself), and WordPress (which is my favorite). There are others. Check out the article.

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Source: 5 Free Tools For Making Digital Portfolios | Edudemic

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Privacy Checkup Is Now Live on Facebook

FacebookPrivacy Checkup Is Now Rolling Out | Facebook Newsroom

News from Facebook:

Today, we’re starting to roll out Privacy Checkup, which helps you review and control who you’re sharing with.

More info:


2014 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

FacebookLast year I posted a link to the Social Media Today’s Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet. I just found a 2014 updated list of dimensions posted at Constant Contact.

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SOURCE: 2014 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet || Constant Contact


Don’t feed the trolls

Recommended reading: How to Stop Caring About Trolls and Get On With Your Life || Lifehacker

Trolling on the internet started on Usenet newsgroups back in the day, but now you see them everywhere—internet forums, blogs, YouTube, and even Twitter. The problem is now that in today’s day and age, all of us are subject to trolling—not just those powerful enough to have their own blogs. This means that ignoring them becomes a lot more difficult, since you’re far more emotionally invested in the things you do and say, and the trolls have that many more mediums to attack you. Here are a few key things that will help build up your thick skin and help you stop caring about what pesky bridge-dwellers are saying on the internet.

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Email design tips

OpenClips / Pixabay

Need to design your own email newsletter? This post from Vertical Response gives some suggestions on what to do. One tip you want to pay special attention to is “don’t attempt to design your email using a program like Dreamweaver.” Others include:

  • Use in-line styles.
  • Create tables.
  • Avoid embedding videos and forms.
  • Keep it simple.

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NOTES: Coding an Email Template: Tips, Tactics & Trip-ups || Vertical Response


Use Flickr to choose your next camera

Wired Magazine introduced me to a new tool: Flickr Camera Finder.

flickr imagesThe Flickr Camera Finder homepage tells you which cameras are most popular among its users and provides links to camera-specific image galleries.

Good information to have, if you’re looking for which cameras are the most used.

You may not know about Flickr Camera Finder, but it’s an amazing feature that uses the “Exif” data from all images uploaded to the service and creates analytical tools based on that information.

Apparently, if I delve into the data, I can find info on DSLR lenses too. Might be worth looking into.



50 random Twitter tips for business (slideshare)

Via Danny Brown, “50 random Twitter tips for business” (which is actually from , who is a Social & Marketing Executive at WebMeUp).


Google Calendar on your blog

2013.12 google-256-blackGoogle Calendar is one of my favorite tools. I love that I can create different calendars for different uses, and yet have all of them show up on a combined calendar for ease of use.

Free Technology for Teachers gives the suggestion that you add a Google Calendar on your blog. Actually, their recommendation is specific to a classroom blog, but I’m interpreting for all blogs. An embedded calendar is a great idea for a public list of events and appointments.

They also have a video that gives instructions on how to embed a Google Calendar on your Blogger blog. Although the instructions are specific to Blogger, you can follow the instructions (with a few modifications) for almost any blogging software.

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Source: How to Embed a Google Calendar Into Your Blogger Blog || Free Technology for Teachers


Give LinkedIn Recommendations

2013.12 linkedin-256-blackOne of LinkedIn’s best tools is the ability to get and give recommendations. The idea being that you basically have online reviews for past performance on jobs, committees, projects which future employers and clients can check out before hiring you. However, this only works if the recommendations are effective.

The Daily Muse has a great, and simple, post on how to write a good recommendation. They give five steps to follow, and only the last is the actual recommendation. Of all of the tips they give, I’d focus on making sure you include a knockout trait. You had to let others know what exactly makes the person you’re recommending such a great team player (or sales person or hairdresser or writer).

Whatever the steps you follow, be sure you’re actually giving LinkedIn recommendations. I need to do better, actually follow through on this more often. I know a lot of talented, great people, and I’ve worked with a few. I need to include that in public reviews.

Who do you know, have worked with that merits a public recommendation?

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Source: Your 5-Minute Guide to Writing an Amazing LinkedIn Recommendation | The Daily Muse