Does Storify bypass Facebook privacy settings?

I written about Storify a few times. I use it myself a lot, mostly to summarize and archive tweets from live events and tweetchats. It’s a very useful tool that’s encouraged for newsrooms. So I was dismayed to hear that Storify might allow you to share information from Facebook, regardless of the privacy settings of the poster. 

Read “Facebook private status updates made public by Storify” and “Storify Co-Founder implies nothing on Facebook is private” for the full story.

It has been uncovered that private Facebook status updates and secret group updates can be shared publicly through the Storify app, and the company’s Co-Founder has spoken out, asserting that nothing on Facebook is private.

I usually only add Twitter updates, Instagram photos, Youtube videos and links to websites. But it is a little terrifying that your privacy settings don’t make your info private. But then, that really wasn’t news to most of us.

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