Email marketing tips roundup

A few recommended articles from ClickZ about email marketing:

Postal Fail and the Value of Email Messaging

Here are five reasons why email will rule:

  • Email is the quickest way you can get in touch with your list.
  • Email can be completely personalized based on recipient preferences.
  • Email messages are secure. Email can keep your costs down.
  • Email is environmentally friendly.

A 10-Point Strategy to Optimize Your Email Program

  1. Begin with the end in mind – incorporate testing and frequency caps.
  2. Place value on email addresses.
  3. Develop acquisition, retention, and reactivation programs.
  4. Develop key performance indicators.
  5. Focus on behavior.

Back to Basics: Email Marketing Metrics

A few terms to learn:
Total Opens. Total Open Rate. Unique Opens. Unique Open Rate. Total Clicks. Total Click-Through Rate (CTR). Unique Clicks. Unique Click-Through Rate. Click-to-Open Rate. Email Conversions. Email Conversion Rate. Email Revenue.

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