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I’m a longtime user of Hootsuite, mostly because it provides the most seamless, easy-to-use and robust update scheduler I’ve found for the money. (Yes, I have a paid account.) Most social networks don’t include a hardwired system to schedule posts. Facebook just changed that. As explained by Entrepreneur:

You can schedule your updates to post at a future date and time using the Facebook sharing tool (that’s the box you use to create and post a Status Update). Until now, the only way to schedule a post in the future was through a third-party app. But now, simply by clicking the symbol resembling a clock in the bottom row of the sharing tool and selecting a time and date that you’d like it to go live, you can post a Status Update, photo or video up to six months in advance.

I probably won’t abandon Hootsuite anytime soon, but this is a good tool for those just getting started.

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