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2013.12 linkedin-256-blackOne of LinkedIn’s best tools is the ability to get and give recommendations. The idea being that you basically have online reviews for past performance on jobs, committees, projects which future employers and clients can check out before hiring you. However, this only works if the recommendations are effective.

The Daily Muse has a great, and simple, post on how to write a good recommendation. They give five steps to follow, and only the last is the actual recommendation. Of all of the tips they give, I’d focus on making sure you include a knockout trait. You had to let others know what exactly makes the person you’re recommending such a great team player (or sales person or hairdresser or writer).

Whatever the steps you follow, be sure you’re actually giving LinkedIn recommendations. I need to do better, actually follow through on this more often. I know a lot of talented, great people, and I’ve worked with a few. I need to include that in public reviews.

Who do you know, have worked with that merits a public recommendation?

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Source: Your 5-Minute Guide to Writing an Amazing LinkedIn Recommendation | The Daily Muse

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