Houston Social Media Breakfast on Friday, June 14

The next Social Media Breakfast in Houston will be this Friday, June 14, 2013 at 8:30 AM. The topic is “Online Influencer Marketing: Matching Brands and Influencers.” The speaker is Gerome Sapp, a five-year NFL veteran. First drafted in 2003 by the Baltimore Ravens to play safety, the next year he signed with the Indianapolis Colts where he played two seasons. He later returned to Baltimore where he added another two seasons to his resume.

From the Facebook invite: “In 2011, Gerome founded Fluencr, a web based social influence platform that allows individuals the ability to connect with their favorite brands and get rewarded for their brand specific influence. Being a previously endorsed professional athlete, Gerome brings an authentic understanding of the market and the pain points of both brands and influencers. Fluencr allows brands the ability to verify and validate the social value each ambassador holds for their brand while providing them with ROI validating analytics surrounding each ambassador. The platform also allows brands, as well as ambassadors the ability to monetize individual influence via social media marketing campaigns.”

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