In case Google Alerts are staying around

Google Alerts is one of those tools that I use everyday but that isn’t well know. I’ve heard online quite a bit that Google Alerts is going away, though I haven’t actually seen an official announcement one way or another. If Google Alerts goes away, I am going to have to find an alternate tool.

However, just in case Google Alerts is going to continue, I’m sharing this Lifehacker article “Five Creative Uses for Google Alerts.” The first three are uses I employ myself:

  • Perform Automated Vanity Searches and Find Out Who’s Talking About You
  • Stay Up to Date On News from Far Away
  • Follow a Trending Story, or Get a Snapshot of Events On Your Own Time

As a public relations professions, I’ve found the alerts to be helpful in keeping track of mentions of my company and senior staff, key programs, and emerging stories. 

Do you use Google Alerts? If so, how?

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