I’ve bought my first DSLR camera

2014.01 Canon P1080033I finally made the plunge and bought a DSLR camera. In fact, I bought a kit with a lot of accessories and pretty much everything I am going to need to get started. I opted for the Canon Rebel T5i. I have heard good things and it’s considered to be a good entry-level DSLR.

Now all I have to do is learn everything I can about it.

Coincidentally, the Digital Photography School’s website has Your First DSLR – now what?! in their current articles. That’s good timing.

Their tips include:

  • Get off Auto as a soon as possible and start shooting on Manual mode
  • Understand the terms ISO, shutter speed and aperture and how to use them
  • your camera manual is your second best friend

They do emphasize that you have to take your camera everywhere, practice a lot and not be afraid of making mistakes. I anticipate I’ll be doing that a lot… at least I hope I will.

You are warned that I’m probably going to start posting a lot more info on photography and cameras.

Even though I’ve upgraded to a DSLR camera, I do believe that I’m keeping my point and shoot camera. It fits very nicely in my purse and I like the convenience of it.

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  1. What do you say about Canon as entry level DSLR?


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