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Flipboard is one of those tools that started out just for tablets. The app pulls in your social media channels and creates a magazine/Pinterest-like interface, making long lists of articles and updates very visual. I loved it immediately.

When Flipboard started offering the opportunity for regular users to create their own magazines, and to designate and share content both from the mobile Flipboard app and from a bookmarklet, I created one just to try it out. I wanted to see how it works.

Every once in a while I remembered to share the magazine address: But other than that, I just “flipped” content when I saw something interesting.

My magazine now has 23 readers and 321 articles. Even better, I am getting notifications that my content is being “re-flipped.” And, sometimes, it’s even links to stuff that I wrote myself. Not bad for an experiment.

I’m wondering what I might be able to achieve if I approach it with more strategy…

Have you played with Flipboard magazines yet? Have any best practices to share?

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