How do I Start a Blog and Make Money Online?

I get this question frequently: “how do I make money blogging?” This guide from Tips and Trips HQ is the most comprehensive single source I’ve found that gives you info on everything you need — from getting a domain to creating content then making money off that content. Very useful page to bookmark.

This is a step by step and easy to follow guide that will help you setup your own blog from the start. This guide is not to motivate someone to start blogging.

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Source: How do I Start a Blog and Make Money Online? | Tips and Tricks HQ

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Twitter Launches “Safety Center”

Twitter has launched a “Safety Center,” located at

Twitter hopes to further that progress by launching a “Safety Center,” which aims to put all of the resources for online safety in one easy-to-find spot: Some of the resources are based on initiatives that the company has already kicked off, but it was really difficult to find detailed information about them.

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Source: Twitter Organizes Its Disjointed Online Safety Initiatives With The Launch Of Its “Safety Center” | TechCrunch

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Google+ Photos Is Shutting Down On August 1

googleplus-512-blackIf you’ve been using Google+ for photo sharing, you need to know that it’s shutting down on August 1, 2015:

Google Photos (note the lack of +) — as in the excellent, unlimited free photo host that Google launched back in May — will live on.

The shutdown of Google+ Photos will start on August 1. According to Google, the Android version will go first; shortly thereafter, the web and iOS versions will go dark.

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Source: Google+ Photos Is Shutting Down On August 1st | TechCrunch

More info on Google Photos:


Instagram is the preferred social network for US teens

I found this on Business Insider:

… 32% of respondents named Instagram as the most important social network, while only 24% said Twitter was most important, and only 14% pointed to Facebook.

Source: Instagram is now the go-to social network for US teens

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Places To List Your Business Online

Places To List Your Business Online (more info at

If you have a business, then your number 1 priority is getting it in front of prospective customers. Vertical Response pulled together a great resource you should check out: “The Top 20 Places Your Business Needs to Be Listed Online.

It’s vital to get business listed on all applicable online directories. Here’s a guide to the top 20 online directories and links to their sign-up pages:

The list includes some you will know, like Google Places for Business, some you may have forgotten, like the Yellow Pages, and a few that were new to me, like MapQuest. The complete list should go on your “to do” list as a business owner.

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Source: The Top 20 Places Your Business Needs to Be Listed Online | VR Marketing Blog

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2015 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

2015 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet (more info on

I’m always trying to figure out what size/dimensions I need to save an image in for a Facebook post vs Twitter vs Google+. I recently came across this handy (updated) easy to read 2015 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet on the Constant Contact website which gives sizes for most of the everyday social media images you’ll need to post.

Since I try not to reshare images that I don’t actually own or for which I’ve been given permission to share… I’m linking to the article instead of posting the image here.

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Apps for Success

Need suggestions on apps to help you in you productivity and success? Check out “10 Apps You Would Find in a Successful Person’s Phone.”

In this digital age successful people are taking advantage of getting more done with their smartphones. You can learn from them by using some of these apps.

I was pleased to note that I have a few of these on my own phone:

  • Flipboard
  • DropBox
  • Dragon Dictation
  • Mint
  • Evernote
  • LinkedIn

Which are yours?

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Source: 10 Apps You Would Find in a Successful Person’s Phone

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IFTTT recipes to help you share Instagram pics

IFTTT recipes to help you share Instagram pics (more info at recently started using my first IFTTT recipe, and I love it! For those of you who (like me) haven’t discovered IFTTT, it’s short for If This Then That. It lets you set up triggers on your social channels that prompt specific actions.

In my case, when I post an image onto Instagram, IFTTT subsequently reposts the image in Twitter as a native image, copying over the message. It’s awesome! That way I don’t have to post it twice myself and Twitter shows real photos in my posts instead of Instagram links.

I got the “recipe” link from this Mashable article, “5 IFTTT recipes to share Instagram pics like a boss.” The article includes other recipes like automating your Instagram Photos being added to a specific Facebook album and sending tagged photos to Tumblr.

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Social Contests to Help You Grow Your Email List

Want to grow your email list? Vertical Response suggests using social contests:

  • Host a Facebook giveaway (tool Rafflecopter).
  • Offer a deal or promotion (tool Justuno).
  • ‘Tweet to win’ contest (tool Binkd).
  • Facebook quiz (tool (Woobox).

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SOURCE: 4 Social Contests that Help You Grow Your Email List and Reach New People | VerticalResponse Blog

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Why You Should Avoid Hotlinking

Have you started using the new WordPress bookmarklet? It’s the “button” you add to your browser that basically turns the current webpage into a blog post. One of the new features is that it “suggests” embedding an image from that webpage … an image that doesn’t belong to you (in most cases).

Free Technology for Teachers defines hotlinking as “inserting a picture into a blog post through a URL rather than uploading the image file itself to your blog.” This is fine, if you own the picture. However, if you are bascially “stealing” someone else’s image, that’s when it becomes a problem.

So, don’t hotlink your images!

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Source: What is Hotlinking? – Why You and Your Students Should Avoid It | Free Technology for Teachers

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