Safety Tips for Social Media

Continuing with the security and safety series we seem to be running, today’s recommended reading is “Tips to Keep Yourself Safe on Social Media.” A few of the tips are going to be repeats of those we’ve highlighted previously, but a few are important reminders: 

  • Connect only with people you trust. 
  • Keep certain things private from everyone. 
  • Don’t broadcast your location. 
  • Don’t click on links unless you know where they lead. 

That last one is the one I am going to reiterate — Don’t click on a link unless you know where they lead.

Another article to check out is “You Got Hacked! What Now?” The main suggestion I’d like to point out in their tips is Chenge Your Habits. i.e., don’t do the things you’ve been doing so you can minimize the possibility of it happening again. 

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