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If you’re like me, you are always looking for images (free images) that you can use with your blog posts. On this site, I rarely include images. On and frequently include them. My favorite source is Flickr‘s creative commons. I make sure I give attribution and that the photo license includes commercial use.

I’ve pulled together a few articles and posts to help you find additional sources, or give you a reason why this is important.

Free Technology for Tachers shared “Use Bing to Find Public Domain Images.” Bing is a source I hadn’t tried myself. I have bookmarked this to use later.

Wikimedia Commons has “a database of 18,083,944 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.” If you’re interested in donating your photos to this database, they also have a mobile app.

Free Technology for Teachers suggests Every Stock Photo, the Morgue File, Pixabay in addition to Flickr and Bing.

And, as a cautionary tale, PR Daily’s “How using Google Images can cost you $8,000” is a great read.

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What other sources do you use?

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