CAN-SPAM 101 — Learn “email law”

Did you know that email marketing is regulated by federal laws? If you didn’t, or if you just aren’t sure what the laws are, then this Copyblogger post is for you!

Source: CAN-SPAM 101: A Crash Course in Bulk Email Regulations – Copyblogger


Social Contests to Help You Grow Your Email List

Want to grow your email list? Vertical Response suggests using social contests:

  • Host a Facebook giveaway (tool Rafflecopter).
  • Offer a deal or promotion (tool Justuno).
  • ‘Tweet to win’ contest (tool Binkd).
  • Facebook quiz (tool (Woobox).

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SOURCE: 4 Social Contests that Help You Grow Your Email List and Reach New People | VerticalResponse Blog

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Creating Mobile-Friendly Emails

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Email newsletters remain one of the most effective marketing tools available. As a blogger, it’s one of the tools I have on my “to do” list.

For those of us who want to be successful with our enewsletters, Copyblogger has recommendations on how to make your emails mobile-friendly. Here are just a few:

  • Compose short subject lines — this really should be self explanatory.
  • Use a single-column template and keep your email under 600 pixels wide — you want to make sure your email is viewable on any mobile device.
  • Use a large font size — also self-explanatory. Your email is going to be reduced in size already, don’t make it harder to read by making the font too small.
  • Avoid menu bars — have you ever tried to interact with a menu bar in an email (on your mobile device)? Not fun.
  • Don’t stack links — with the small size, it’s harder to click on a link when they are stacked on top of each other or in a series.

Read the full list at Copyblogger.

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SOURCE: 10 Essential Tips for Creating Mobile-Friendly Emails – Copyblogger

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Email design tips

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Need to design your own email newsletter? This post from Vertical Response gives some suggestions on what to do. One tip you want to pay special attention to is “don’t attempt to design your email using a program like Dreamweaver.” Others include:

  • Use in-line styles.
  • Create tables.
  • Avoid embedding videos and forms.
  • Keep it simple.

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NOTES: Coding an Email Template: Tips, Tactics & Trip-ups || Vertical Response


When to send your email

2013.11 email-256-blackWant to know what the best times are to send your email campaign? According to Vertical Response:

Unique open rates averaged 21.7% from 8pm to 11:59pm and 17.6% for 12am to 4am. Moreover, this late night group was more likely to click through, with open rates of 4.2% and 3.2%.

In addition,

…emails sent on Mondays had the highest ROI, but emails sent on Friday had a higher click through rate…

You need to read the article. It includes some good insights into the need to test your email and the move to mobile.

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Source: The Surprisingly Best Times to Send Your Email Marketing Campaigns || Vertical Response



More legal guidelines and resources for bloggers

More recommended reading in our legal series:


Email marketing tips roundup

A few recommended articles from ClickZ about email marketing:

Postal Fail and the Value of Email Messaging

Here are five reasons why email will rule:

  • Email is the quickest way you can get in touch with your list.
  • Email can be completely personalized based on recipient preferences.
  • Email messages are secure. Email can keep your costs down.
  • Email is environmentally friendly.

A 10-Point Strategy to Optimize Your Email Program

  1. Begin with the end in mind – incorporate testing and frequency caps.
  2. Place value on email addresses.
  3. Develop acquisition, retention, and reactivation programs.
  4. Develop key performance indicators.
  5. Focus on behavior.

Back to Basics: Email Marketing Metrics

A few terms to learn:
Total Opens. Total Open Rate. Unique Opens. Unique Open Rate. Total Clicks. Total Click-Through Rate (CTR). Unique Clicks. Unique Click-Through Rate. Click-to-Open Rate. Email Conversions. Email Conversion Rate. Email Revenue.

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Facebook changed your email address

In one of those over-reaching moves that’s made Facebook infamous, the social media network has made a change that’s affected everyone: they changed your email address. Ok, what they actually did is replace the email address you have listed in your Facebook account with the email address that was assigned to you months ago.

Didn’t know you had a email address? Don’t worry, most people didn’t.

If, like me, you’d rather not add another email address to the long list of ways people can get in touch with you, or just want to have your regular email address listed, then follow the instructions in this lifehacker article. Very simple.