Facebook How To link: adding an admin

The blog Bicultural Mom has a great post with instructions on how to add adminsitrators to your Facebook Page:

I always recommend to my students that they set up at least one backup admin to their pages. If you lose access to the only admin account, or get hacked or whatever, and you are the only admin, then you’ve just lost all access to your page. Pick someone you trust and set them up with admin access.

Also, if you have an employee as an admin, remember to remove their access before they leave your employment.


Post Instagram photos to Facebook pages

I love it when I learn that tools I’m already using can be used in better ways. For bloggers by bloggers posted instructions on how to get your Instragram account/app to post photos to Facebook pages. That’s a very nice way to get photos up on your Facebook page timeline (and Facebook is all about the images and links these days).

Check out the post.



Start using Facebook’s Interest Lists

I’ve been using Facebook’s friends lists for a while. They are a great way to segment the large list of friends into groups to manage the relationships, content and updates. Mine include family, media, etc. However, there wasn’t a way to do the same for pages… until recently. In March Facebook introduced Interest Lists. I’ve only create a few Interest lists, but they are very helpful. I have a list for all the libraries I’ve “fanned” over the years, and one for all the news outlets. 

CNET’s How To has a nice article on what Interest Lists are, how to create them, and some tips on how to work with them. 


Facebook changed your email address

In one of those over-reaching moves that’s made Facebook infamous, the social media network has made a change that’s affected everyone: they changed your email address. Ok, what they actually did is replace the email address you have listed in your Facebook account with the email address that was assigned to you months ago.

Didn’t know you had a email address? Don’t worry, most people didn’t.

If, like me, you’d rather not add another email address to the long list of ways people can get in touch with you, or just want to have your regular email address listed, then follow the instructions in this lifehacker article. Very simple. 


What Facebook Won’t Allow on Timeline for Brands

Latina Bloggers Connect has a nice, succint post on the “five important details Facebook will not allow above the fold of the new timeline for brands.” What they are: 

  • Price or purchase info
  • Contact information
  • Calls to action
  • Infringing on the intellectual property of others
  • Facebook references

The first three are the ones I’m most irritated about. The cover photo is great online real estate that could have had a useful marketing objective. With these regulations all it does is look pretty. 


    Facebook Promoted Posts

    If you have any idea what Facebook Edgerank is… then this new feature may make sense. Through promoted posts you can extend the reach and life of your Facebook update.  As explained by Entrepreneur:

    You can pay a fee to promote a post so it will be shown in the news feeds of more of the people who like your Page than you would reach normally. Friends of Facebook members who have interacted with a promoted post will be more likely to see the information in their news feeds. Promoted posts cost $5 or more.



    Facebook Scheduled Posts

    I’m a longtime user of Hootsuite, mostly because it provides the most seamless, easy-to-use and robust update scheduler I’ve found for the money. (Yes, I have a paid account.) Most social networks don’t include a hardwired system to schedule posts. Facebook just changed that. As explained by Entrepreneur:

    You can schedule your updates to post at a future date and time using the Facebook sharing tool (that’s the box you use to create and post a Status Update). Until now, the only way to schedule a post in the future was through a third-party app. But now, simply by clicking the symbol resembling a clock in the bottom row of the sharing tool and selecting a time and date that you’d like it to go live, you can post a Status Update, photo or video up to six months in advance.

    I probably won’t abandon Hootsuite anytime soon, but this is a good tool for those just getting started.


    Facebook Administrative Roles

    Facebook recently rolled out a bunch of new features we all need to try out and learn. One of the ones I’m most excited about is the addition of Administrative Roles. As explained by Entrepreneur:

    You can now assign administrative roles to the people who help manage your page. There are five different roles: manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser and insights analyst. To assign roles to your Facebook page’s admins, login to your Facebook account, visit the Page you manage, click Edit Page above the Admin Panel, and click Admin Roles in the left column.

    Long overdue.