FTC Guide for Native Advertising

For the bloggers out there, you may already know that the FTC has guidelines on disclosure for sponsored content. This guide is something you need to check out and bookmark for future use.

Source: Native Advertising: A Guide for Businesses | Federal Trade Commission


FTC Public Workshop on Digital Advertising

2013.11 Just a few hundred... dozen...If you happen to be in the Washington D.C. area on December 4, 2013…

ShoeMoney reports that “the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plans to go ‘native’ on Dec. 4, hosting a public workshop on the latest innovation in digital advertising: so called ‘sponsored content,’ a.k.a. ‘native advertising.'”

More from the FTC:

The Federal Trade Commission will host a one-day workshop on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 to examine the blending of advertisements with news, entertainment, and other editorial content in digital media, referred to as “native advertising” or “sponsored content.” The workshop will bring together publishing and advertising industry representatives, consumer advocates, academics, and self-regulatory organizations to explore:   the ways in which sponsored content is presented to consumers online and in mobile apps; consumers’ recognition and understanding of it; the contexts in which it should be identifiable as advertising; and effective ways of differentiating it from editorial content. The workshop will be free and open to the public. No pre-registration is required. Seating is limited, however, and seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


December 4th, 2013
Event begins at 10:00 am
(Registration opens at 9:15 am)


FTC Conference Center
601 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001

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SOURCE: The FTC Goes ‘Native’ – ShoeMoney


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