Guide to ‘Google My Business’

Vertical Response has a useful article to check out: “The Ultimate Guide to ‘Google My Business’.”

Learn how to set up, use and get the most out of Google My Business.

Source: The Ultimate Guide to ‘Google My Business’ | VerticalResponse Blog


Google+ Photos Is Shutting Down On August 1

googleplus-512-blackIf you’ve been using Google+ for photo sharing, you need to know that it’s shutting down on August 1, 2015:

Google Photos (note the lack of +) — as in the excellent, unlimited free photo host that Google launched back in May — will live on.

The shutdown of Google+ Photos will start on August 1. According to Google, the Android version will go first; shortly thereafter, the web and iOS versions will go dark.

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Source: Google+ Photos Is Shutting Down On August 1st | TechCrunch

More info on Google Photos:


Recovering from Google manual penalties

2013.12 google-256-blackHas your site been “slapped” with a Google Penalty? Vertical Response has a great “how to” post on correcting the offending links and asking for reconsideration. Definitely something to bookmark, just in case you ever need it.

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SOURCE: Slapped with a Google Penalty? Here’s How to Bounce Back! | VR Marketing Blog.


How to Search Google for Mentions (Video)

From Shelley Roth’s Youtube channel: Want to see what is being said about your social media business pages or personal page? Watch this to learn how, and if someone mentions you or your business, reach out and thank them!

Having trouble viewing this video? Check out the original!


Opting Out of Google Using Your Name and Face in Ads

Did you know that Google updated its terms of service so it can use your name, face, reviews, and activity  in ads? Want to make that stop? Lifehacker has very simple and easy-to-use instructions on how to turn it off:

2013.12 google-256-black1. Just click here to go directly to the “Shared Endorsements” Google+ settings page.

2. Uncheck the box labeled “Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads.” Click Save.

3. You’ll get a pop-up warning you that if you disable the feature, your friends won’t see your recommendations. Click Continue.



Google Author Rank and Authorship Round-up

Still trying to decipher Author Rank and Authorship? Here are a few posts to get your started or just move you along the way. Be warned, you’re going to need a Google+ account, there’s no way around it.

Copyblogger’s “The Writer’s Author Rank Cheat Sheet” is very comprehensive on how to boost your Author Rank. Recommendations include:

  • Create a Google+ account.
  • Implement the authorship markup.
  • Boost activity on social sites.
  • Connect with influencers.
  • Continue to create and publish great content.

Copyblogger’s “10 Reasons Writers Should Claim Their Google Authorship Markup” gives a compelling argument on why bloggers should claim their Authorship. The article also discussed why Google implemented Authorship.

The Open Education Database gives you “Five Compelling Reasons You’ll Want to Claim Authorship on Google+.” These are:

  • Google Will Display Your Photo Next to Results.
  • Your Author Name Will Lead to More Results.
  • Searchers Can Instantly Add You To Their Circles.
  • Your Authority Will Be Displayed.
  • You Can Get Authorship Analytics.

This is where you go to claim your Authorship: Google’s “Signup for Authorship” page. Do not forget that you have to link back to your Google+ account using the rel=author link, and that’s after you link your content to your Google+ account.

As an extra I’m including “Seven Ways Writers Can Build Online Authority with Google+,” also from Copyblogger. Mostly because we’re already discussing Google+ and I wanted to include one more post on ways to use your account to maximum success… since you’re going to need it for blogging anyway.

As an extra extra, I’m linking to the Wikipedia page “What is PageRank?” And let me know if it makes any sense to you.


Easy websites with Google Sites

Need to create a quick and easy website? Try Google Sites! They offer:
  • Single-click page creation.
  • Customizable look and feel.
  • Dozens of pre-built templates.
  • Settings for accessing and sharing information.
  • And it’s free!
Resources & Notes:

Google Reader shuts down July 1

Are you ready? More info at the Google blog. Learn how to back up your Google data.



In case Google Alerts are staying around

Google Alerts is one of those tools that I use everyday but that isn’t well know. I’ve heard online quite a bit that Google Alerts is going away, though I haven’t actually seen an official announcement one way or another. If Google Alerts goes away, I am going to have to find an alternate tool.

However, just in case Google Alerts is going to continue, I’m sharing this Lifehacker article “Five Creative Uses for Google Alerts.” The first three are uses I employ myself:

  • Perform Automated Vanity Searches and Find Out Who’s Talking About You
  • Stay Up to Date On News from Far Away
  • Follow a Trending Story, or Get a Snapshot of Events On Your Own Time

As a public relations professions, I’ve found the alerts to be helpful in keeping track of mentions of my company and senior staff, key programs, and emerging stories. 

Do you use Google Alerts? If so, how?


    Are you using Google Drive yet? Why not?

    Google Drive (recently called Google Docs) is one of those tools that I recommend to everyone. It’s great for creating, sharing and collaborating on documents that need to be access and updated by groups. If you nee a primer, check out the guide given out through this post:

    And did I mention that it’s especially useful if you’re accessing with a smart phone or tablet?