Instagram is the preferred social network for US teens

I found this on Business Insider:

… 32% of respondents named Instagram as the most important social network, while only 24% said Twitter was most important, and only 14% pointed to Facebook.

Source: Instagram is now the go-to social network for US teens

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IFTTT recipes to help you share Instagram pics

IFTTT recipes to help you share Instagram pics (more info at recently started using my first IFTTT recipe, and I love it! For those of you who (like me) haven’t discovered IFTTT, it’s short for If This Then That. It lets you set up triggers on your social channels that prompt specific actions.

In my case, when I post an image onto Instagram, IFTTT subsequently reposts the image in Twitter as a native image, copying over the message. It’s awesome! That way I don’t have to post it twice myself and Twitter shows real photos in my posts instead of Instagram links.

I got the “recipe” link from this Mashable article, “5 IFTTT recipes to share Instagram pics like a boss.” The article includes other recipes like automating your Instagram Photos being added to a specific Facebook album and sending tagged photos to Tumblr.

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Instagram Direct

Instagram unveiled Instagram Direct, a new function that lets you send photos and videos privately to one person or a group of up to 15 people. This is similar to Facebook’s Messages in that it allows everyone in the group to see each others messages and responses.

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A Multimedia Roundup: Youtube, Instagram, Vine, and Audio

Just a few posts and articles about multimedia tools.

Learn “How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Site” from this post in Mashable. The ability to add a subscription button directly on your site is something that’s relatively new. Doing this should help improve your subscription rates.

Learn “How to make killer Vine and Instagram videos” from this CNN article. Then learn “How To Embed Instagram Photos And Videos” from Idea Girl Media, also “HOW TO embed Instagram Videos in your blog” from Sarah Evans.

David Lee King gives us “12 Tips on Making Better Vine Videos.” This includes:

  • Plan, practice, reshoot.
  • Good lighting is important.
  • Audio is HUGE.
  • Use another lens.
  • Shoot through something else.
  • Use hashtags.

Moving onto audio, I found “5 Services for Creating & Sharing Audio Recordings Online” from Free Technology for Teachers. Recommend are Vocaroo, SoundCloud, Audioboo, Audio Pal, and Record MP3.


Are You Measuring Instagram?

Instagram is now an important social media network. It’s a great way for brands, and people, to reach out to customers and to build relationships with readers/consumers. For a lot of us, this isn’t new. However, what is news to me is that there are now tools available to help measure Instagram. This article on Waxing Unlyrical lists four free tools you might want to look into:

The article covers the pros and cons of each of the tools. Definitely worth reading.

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Tagged! on Instagram


If you’re an Instagram user, then you may already know that you can reply to or mention someone by Instagram ID by using the @ symbol. To reply to me, or to make my “name” into a link within Instagram, you would type “@sandrasays.” Typically, these @ messages show up when I go to my Newsfeed tab — where I see who had liked my photos, started following me, left me a message, or mentioned me.

What’s new is that you can tag people (or Add People, as Instagram is calling it). They will get a notice, and be able to see, the photos you’ve tagged of them. And you will be able to view the photos people have tagged with you:

Photos other people add of you appear on your profile under the tab. You can choose to manually or automatically include these photos on your profile.

Find more info on this at And feel free to start tagging photos you’ve already added to Instagram.

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