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SOURCE: How To Build a Rockstar LinkedIn Presence | Entrepreneur via YouTube


Give LinkedIn Recommendations

2013.12 linkedin-256-blackOne of LinkedIn’s best tools is the ability to get and give recommendations. The idea being that you basically have online reviews for past performance on jobs, committees, projects which future employers and clients can check out before hiring you. However, this only works if the recommendations are effective.

The Daily Muse has a great, and simple, post on how to write a good recommendation. They give five steps to follow, and only the last is the actual recommendation. Of all of the tips they give, I’d focus on making sure you include a knockout trait. You had to let others know what exactly makes the person you’re recommending such a great team player (or sales person or hairdresser or writer).

Whatever the steps you follow, be sure you’re actually giving LinkedIn recommendations. I need to do better, actually follow through on this more often. I know a lot of talented, great people, and I’ve worked with a few. I need to include that in public reviews.

Who do you know, have worked with that merits a public recommendation?

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Source: Your 5-Minute Guide to Writing an Amazing LinkedIn Recommendation | The Daily Muse


When to Post to Social Media

According to this article from, the best times to post to social media are:

  • Facebook = 1-4pm ET
  • Pinterest = 2-4pm ET or 8pm-1am ET
  • LinkedIn = 7-9am ET or 5-6 pm ET
  • Twitter = 1-3pm ET
  • Google+ = 9-11am ET



Tagging on LinkedIn (updated)

Did you know that you can now tag people and companies in LinkedIn? It’s similar to Facebook.



In case you need more help, Springboard Social Media has a great video on this topic.

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Links, posts and news you may have missed — March 18

LInkedIn Groups
In “5 Tips for Effectively Managing a LinkedIn Group” there are a few tips worth checking out. These include: 1: Review Your LinkedIn Group Name and Description. 2: Create a Strict Group Policy. 3: Screen New Members AND Member Discussion Posts. 4: Use the Group Announcements Feature. 5: Lead Your Group. For in-depth information, read the article.

Still thinking about getting started on Pinterest? There’s a comprehensive guide at Problogger to help you out. Check out “Heavyweight Help: The Complete Guide to Getting Started on Pinterest.”

Always an important topic for bloggers and website owners, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Read “10 SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Rankings–and Your Website” for some good tips. Some of the ones you need to know in general are: Create incredible content. Carefully research keywords. Stick to SEO-friendly URLs. Use tags and Meta descriptions. Don’t forget image attributes. Build internal & external links. Avoid using Flash and images as text. Read the article and pay attention to a few of the things it recommends: it will help. 


TechCrunch has an interesting article about why you should be paying attention to Tumblr. If that doesn’t convince you, how about “Tumblr Beat Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn for SocNet Time Spent in December.” If you need some inspiration, visit “26 Ways to Market Your Business With Tumblr.” And while we’re at it, check out my previous mini-posts: “Using Tumblr for business” and “Tumblr pros and cons.” 

For those of you working with video, ClickZ has a good article to read, “How to Create a Mobile-Friendly Video Marketing Campaign.” The tips include: Target specific types of users; Keep it short, packed, and not too sales-y; and, Keep the video quality high. Video is an area where I’m improving my skills, so I expect I’ll be sharing content on this topic throughout the year. 


Building your personal brand on LinkedIn

Looking to use LinkedIn to help you build your personal brand? Start by reading How to Showcase Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: 8 Tips.  The short list:

  1. Be authentic. 
  2. Create a distinctive LinkedIn profile headline. 
  3. Be consistent. 
  4. Increase your visibility. 
  5. Build your strategic brand association. 
  6. Regularly add to your knowledge. 
  7. Share your expertise in LinkedIn Groups. 
  8. Give generously.

Of particular interest is the one about sharing your expertise in LinkedIn Groups. Groups and answers are, in my opinion, an underused way to reach out to others and build your brand in an area of expertise.