Tweets this week from @GoingSocialHou: May 29, 2016

A few tweets and updates from @GoingSocialHou:


Tweets this week from @GoingSocialHou: May 22, 2016

A few tweets from

A few tweets and updates from @GoingSocialHou:


Twitter Search Operators Cheatsheet


Today’s recommended resource: Ultimate Twitter Search Operators Cheatsheet from Sprout Social.

I’ve given a class on how to use Twitter advanced search to help find online sources (for journalists). This is a great way to teach yourself how to do just that.


Twitter Chats Just for Marketers

Today’s recommended resource is a list of Twitter Chats for Marketers. There are a few chats on this list that I’ve participated in myself. It’s a good place to start out.

Source: 25 Twitter Chats: Just for Marketers


Twitter Launches “Safety Center”

Twitter has launched a “Safety Center,” located at

Twitter hopes to further that progress by launching a “Safety Center,” which aims to put all of the resources for online safety in one easy-to-find spot: Some of the resources are based on initiatives that the company has already kicked off, but it was really difficult to find detailed information about them.

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Source: Twitter Organizes Its Disjointed Online Safety Initiatives With The Launch Of Its “Safety Center” | TechCrunch

Image source: OpenClipartVectors / Pixabay


Tagging photos in Twitter

2013.11 twitter-256-blackDid you know that Twitter now lets you tag people in photos? Here are some links for you:


50 random Twitter tips for business (slideshare)

Via Danny Brown, “50 random Twitter tips for business” (which is actually from , who is a Social & Marketing Executive at WebMeUp).


The Number One Mistake Everybody Makes on Twitter (slideshare)

From , another look at the mistake people make in twitter replies, and how a simple dot can solve it.

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2013.11 twitter-256-blackNOTES:


Teens prefer Twitter

twitter-256-blackTeens are leaving Facebook in droves, or so I keep reading. Where are they going? Twitter, apparently. After being absent from the social network for the first years of its meteoric rise to the top tier of social media, Teens are now embracing it:

Twitter is the new king of teens, with 26% naming it as their “most important” social site. Only 23% said Facebook was most important, down from a high of 42%.

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Twitter Announces Custom Timelines


In an interesting move, Twitter this week announced the launch of Custom timelines, via Tweetdeck. It looks like this is Twitter taking a swipe at Storify’s functionality in archiving conversations around events and hashtags. Here’s more info:

Introducing custom timelines: create timelines of Tweets for everyone ||

Custom timelines are an entirely new type of timeline –– one that you create. You name it, and choose the Tweets you want to add to it, either by hand or programmatically using the API (more on that below). This means that when the conversation around an event or topic takes off on Twitter, you have the opportunity to create a timeline that surfaces what you believe to be the most noteworthy, relevant Tweets.

Each timeline is public and has its own page on, making it easy to share so others can follow along in real time as you add more Tweets. And since custom timelines are part of our Twitter for Websites toolkit, you can embed these timelines on your website.

Twitter Announces Custom Timelines For Hashtags Or Topics On Tweetdeck, Launching API Too || Techcrunch

This will allow people to create powerful streams of information out of Twitter’s public firehose, effectively allowing anyone to curate individual streams of data tailored to a topic. The topics could be literally anything that’s contained in a tweet, including hashtags, a phrase like ‘drinking coffee’ or event-specific keywords like ‘Superbowl’ or ‘TC Disrupt’.

Twitter Challenges Storify With New Custom Timelines || PC Mag

The feature, housed within TweetDeck, sounds very similar to Storify, which lets users pull in tweets and other content from around the Web to create stories about certain events. On Twitter, users can create custom timelines by adding tweets by hand or programming tweets to automatically pop up using the company’s API.

Twitter announces ‘Custom Timelines’, lets users curate collections of tweets on any subject || The Next Web

Custom timelines will have their own links and can also be embedded on other sites. Twitter says the feature will roll out over the next few days to TweetDeck on the Web, Chrome and PC, while an updated Mac app is “coming soon.”

I haven’t tested the functionality yet. Have you? If you have, shared it with us.