A day troubleshooting Feedly, Pinterest & Rebelmouse

Beginning yesterday I have had trouble accessing Feedly, Pinterest and Rebelmouse on my Portable Firefox app. The sites let me log in (eventually) and even give me some ability to view, but most of the functionality isn’t loading.

pinterest-128-blackThe Pinterest site won’t load pins. I see the “header” where it shows the Pinterest logo and my name, but the drop down menu doesn’t work and the pins are all absent. And the bookmarklet lets me make it all the way up to the final “pin it” screen. But then I get an error message that I need to either:

  • turn on Javascript — which I’ve confirmed is on.
  • clear my cache and cookies — which I’ve done
  • make sure I’m up to date — which I am
  • try a different browser — when I switch to Google Chrome, my Pinterest experience is just fine.

Of course, the above “errors” depend on being able to log in. Which I’ve only been successful at doing less than half the times I’ve attempted.

Feedly won’t show me anything. There’s just a blank page. When I switch to Google Chrome, I can “see” my content just fine.

Rebelmouse is doing something similar to Pinterest. I can see the header, but none of the content in the board. The drop down menu works and lets me navigate between sites, but none of the content is showing up. Ironically, if clear my cache, which signs me out of everything, I can visit the Rebelmouse page in question and see all the content. Once I log in, all of that content disappears.

Any suggestions on what might be wrong?

* * *

UPDATE — I gave up on troubleshooting and just uninstalled the application, then reinstalled it. That resolved my issues.

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