Using RebelMouse as a blog aggregate board #txsocial

2013.10 TXSocial Blogs RebelMouse-smChallenge: a way to spotlight all the blog posts from the bloggers in a private Facebook group without having to create a list that’s updated manually.

Result: RebelMouse site that aggregates new posts via the blog’s RSS feeds.

Check out the #TXSocial Blogs RebelMouse site: I visit this almost every day to see what the new content is from my fellow bloggers from the Texas Social Media Network’s Facebook group. It’s an easy way to find the new content, like and share.

This was surprisingly easy to set up. Simply open an account with RebelMouse. Create a new site (which take a few clicks and decisions on name and the URL for the site). Then go to the Content & Feeds tab in the Dashboard for your site. Then just add one RSS feed after another (in the RSS feed box). Give it a few hours to scour the sites and populate the RebelMouse landing page.

A few things to note:

  • Do you want RebelMouse to publish updates that don’t have photos attached? You need to go to “Edit Site” and choose that option. Otherwise, they go to the “Drafts” page, where you have to publish them  manually.
  • You can only add up to 25 feeds of any kind (which we’ve hit). After that, you are directed to using a feed mixer of some sort. We’re playing with Yahoo Pipes, but that’s another post for another day.

Are you using RebelMouse in a new an interesting way? Let us know!

UPDATE: I’ve duplicated this board for another group: Houston Latina Bloggers (

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