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Wikipedia is one of those online resources we all use, but few of us update. Here are a few reads to help you on your way to using Wikipedia as a marketer. Be warned, a few of these are from my recent spring cleaning of “old” bookmarks.

Making the most of your brand’s Wikipedia page” at PR Daily gives good tips on how to build a Wikipedia page from scratch. If you brand doesn’t have one yet, this is a good place to start.

Wikipedia: 4 rules of engagement for PR professionals at PR Daily is an oldie. The important thing is to be transparent, if you have a conflict of interest, declare it up front.

Beth Kanter has a nice (also older) article entitled “How to get a Wikipedia page for your nonprofit” that you might want to check out. She also stresses the need to be transparent.

Also check out “HOW TO: Update your nonprofit’s Wikipedia page (and why you should).” We recently had to go in and clean up our Wikipedia pages, and it was an eye-opening exercise. There was a great deal of misinformation on them.

Do you have any resources to recommend?

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